Objective Goal Roadblocks
Staffing (1) Attain and maintain adequare headcount.
  • Low response to recruiting.
  • Low pay scale vis--vis other companies
Staffing (2) On-time performance evaluations
  • HR slowness in responding to pay raises
Staffing (3) Conduct Quarterly reviews with each staff member.  
Turnover Have 0% turnover
  • Other companies offering more money.
  • Lack of respect for QA people by other departments
Training (1) Have a training plan for each team member.
Training (2) Have each member receive 40 hours training per year Budget

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People Objectives, Processes and Metrics


  • Objective: Have 100% headcount. (1 Team Lead, 1 Business Consultant,1 Configuration manager, 7 Analysts).
  • Process:
    • See attached brochure on the hiring process.
    • Work with HR to develop a recruiting plan.
    • Attempt to switch the status of some of our contractors.
  • Metrics: Actual headcount.

Staffing (2)

  • Objective: Have on-time performance evaluations
  • Process: See attached memo on the evaluation system
  • Metrics: Number of evaluations conducted that result in an on-time pay raise.

Staffing (3)

  • Objective: Conduct quarterly reviews with each staff member.
  • Process: See attached memo on the evaluation system
  • Metrics: Number of quarterly evaluations delivered in the month due.


  • Objective: Have 0% turnover
  • Process
    • Maintain competitive salaries.
    • Stick with the game plan on evaluations.
    • Challenge people with regression testing and other projects.
    • Provide employee continuing education.
    • Maintain an open door policy and pay attention to the items of discontent identified in the employee satisfaction survey.
  • Metrics: Number of turnovers.

Training (1)

  • Objective: Have a training plan for each team member
  • Process:
    • Educate staff on how to create a training plan for themselves.
    • Have each team member submit a training plan.
  • Metrics: Number of team members having a training plan.

Training (2)

  • Objective: Have each team member receive 40 hours of training per year.
  • Process:
    • Have members participate in formal training as outlined in their training plans.
    • Have members participate in in-house training or approved self-study programs.
  • Metrics: Number of hours each team member receives for training

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