Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process developed from the top down. It starts with a broad, all-encompassing vision and works its way to more details. The components of a strategic plan are:

  • Vision / Mission Statement.
  • Key Result Areas
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Processes
  • Metrics


The following is an example of a strategic plan I put together to rebuild a software quality assurance department.

QA Vision

Bootstrap ourselves into an organization respected for adding value to every step of the process from product conception through end-user support.

This vision will be accomplished in three major steps:

  • Infrastructure building to provide core competencies
  • Concentration on the QC (code testing) function
  • Expansion into process development and consultation services with other departments.


The mission of the Quality Assurance department is to:

  • Test newly developed software and hardware configurations
  • Assure a constant state of quality in existing code.
  • Provide consultation to developers to perform unit and integration testing.
  • Analyze processes to increase efficiency and reduce effort
  • Conduct periodic inspections and audits to assure compliance with requirements.
  • Work with other departments to monitor customer satisfaction.

Key Result Areas