Sample Instructions to the Interviewing Staff.

SUBJECT: Interview Package

  1. The most important goal of the company's goals and values is "Hire and develop great people". A winning team takes talent, and that's exactly what we're trying to recruit.

  2. Attached are some guidelines on interviewing etiquette, tips on how to prepare for the interview, legal considerations and a position responsibility statement. Please look it all over

  3. The Process:
    • Starting on Monday, next week I will be giving you the first round of resumes. I will "close out" resume screening on Friday, August 28. If it's not in my hands by then, I won't evaluate it.
    • We will meet briefly on Monday August 24, and August 31 to decide which candidates to call. I will work with HR to get them scheduled.
    • Please make sure your Outlook calendar is up to date as we will use it to schedule your time with the candidates.
    • If you need a conference room for your interview, contact me and I will arrange it.

  4. I will provide you each with a clean copy of the candidates resumes as soon as we have them scheduled, so you can prepare.
  5. I will coordinate with other managers for a tour of the facilities.
  6. As a reminder, here are the key characteristics we are looking for in each of the candidates:
    • Technical competence: Each of the candidates we choose to interview will look good on the resume. Please question candidates to substantiate some of their claims.
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    • Be a team player: We're going to make a lot of demands on the new person. See if you can get a feel how the candidate will handle it.
    • A fit for the corporate culture: Remember the goals and values. Try to assess the person's flexibility and ability to be proactive.
    • Not all our candidates will have 100% of what we desire. Try to get a sense on how well the candidate can pick up on missing pieces of technology.

  7. Historically, we have kept our candidates busy. The average interview ran about 45 minutes per interviewer, and took about 4 hours overall.
    • When I contact the candidates I inform them of the rough schedule so they will know that they will have a half a day with us.
    • I also inform them that business casual is appropriate for the interview. This makes it a lot easier for those who come to us directly from a current job. If there were a reason I needed to see them dressed up, I'll tell them.