Position Qualifications

  1. I am looking for two positions:

    • PC-oriented
    • Unix-oriented

    Ideally, the candidate will be familiar with both, and "heavy" in one.

  2. Technical degree or related experience.

  3. 3+ years experience testing software.

  4. Understanding of our operating evenvironment

    • Understanding of how a client-server and distributed network is set up.
    • Knowledge of how relational or object-oriented databases are designed and operate.

    Must have used them and understand the concepts -- I don't need a programmer

  5. Hands-on proficiency with operating systems.

    • PC DOS, Windows, NT, and PC configuration.
    • Unix shell

  6. Must have good team skills.

  7. Must have good writing skills (Ideally, should have experience writing test plans, test procedures, and test reports).

  8. Ideally, experience with network management software.

  9. Ideally, should have experience as a customer. For example, worked in a data automation or MIS center, worked on a technical support help desk, etc.