Sample Job Description

Job Description for a QA Analyst

  1. Become familiar with the entire suite of <company's> products.

  2. Work with product development team to develop QA schedule and to identify documentation, software, and training they must provide before we can test.

  3. Develop and write preliminary and final test plans.

  4. Identify resources needed for the test.

  5. Develop and write test procedures and matrices.

  6. Configure the lab for testing:

    • Hardware
      • Unix Server and Clients (Solaris, SunOS, AIX, HPUX, IRIX, DGUX)
      • PC Clients (DOS, OS/2, NT)
    • Software (TCP/IP Ethernet, Chameleon)
    • Databases (Proprietary, Informix, Sybase, Oracle, Ingres)
    • Network Management Interfaces (Netview, SunNetManager, Openview.

  7. Evaluate the software:

    • Validate software functionality in accordance with the product specification.
    • Perform negative testing to find safeguard "gaps" in the software.
    • Test software from a customer's point of view

  8. Evaluate documentation for accuracy, clarity, and ease of use.

  9. Develop and coordinate load test scenarios.

  10. Validate distribution media.

  11. Write internal acceptance documentation

    • Software Release Report
    • Documentation Release Report
    • Media Release Report

  12. Perform other duties as required.