Interviewing Etiquette

  1. Be prepared. Identify the best possible candidate for the job by doing an upfront analysis of required skills and characteristics.

  2. Schedule the interview and stick with it. Aside from the rudeness of keeping an applicant waiting, a long waiting period does nothing to reduced the already heightened anxiety of the candidate.

  3. Avoid interruptions. Answering telephones and speaking with co-workers while attempting an interview is counter productive. Additionally, the applicant may feel that the candidacy is not being taken seriously.

  4. Get out from behind your desk. While you may not view your desk as a symbol of radiating power, a more productive conversation can result when a couple of chairs are informally pulled together.

  5. Try to schedule interviews at a time convenient for you. If Mondays and Fridays are your busiest times, schedule your interviews for the middle of the week. Being at your best makes sense.

  6. Spend the first few minutes "getting acquainted", It is wise to explain what your plan and goals are over the course of the interview. Give the candidate an overview of the position and in introduction the company goals and values

  7. Be considerate. Keep the interviewed applicants informed during the process and let them know when it is clear that they are no longer being considered. We may have future need for them.