Sample Script
(Introduction and Orientation to the Interview).

It's going to be a long day. Plan on 4 or more hours and lunch on us.

  1. What is <Company>?

    • A leading developer of network management systems for mainframe, mini and desktop systems.
    • Now moving from acquisitions to sustainment.
    • Need tools to help automate testing.

  2. Where we fit in (Information Technology -> Marketing -> Quality Assurance)

    • C.E.O. - V.P. Marketing - Me - YOU.
    • We don't really have an organizational chart.

  3. Why we are hiring?

    • New technology - new position
    • Job is available ASAP.
    • You can expect to hear from me by April 30th (probably sooner).

  4. Who you will see

    • (List of people with whom the candidate will be speaking and a brief biography of each … Starting and ending with me).

  5. Who are your customers?

    • Developers
    • Help Desk
    • Field service personnel

  6. What the technology involves

    • Several Unix Operating Platforms (servers and clients)
    • Windows NT clients.
    • 5 Different databases (including a company proprietary database).
    • 3 different network monitoring software packages.

  7. What I expect of you

    • Position Description (Go over list)
    • Technical Competence
    • Manage many things at once.
    • ATTITUDE! (Being proactive - always looking for a better way to do things)
    • Customer Orientation

  8. What you will have to learn

    • Proprietary systems
    • Help Desk Visit
    • Field Visit
    • Defect Tracking System

  9. Additional Duties

    • Assist documentation with screen captures.

  10. Specific Questions From Me (depends on position).

  11. Final Steps

    • Any questions?
    • When you can expect to hear from me. Call me if I don't get to you by that date.