Looking For Work And Where To Find It

The following is based on data found in http://telecomcareers.net, a web site for people in the telecommunications field. In their survey, in two separate questions, they asked what people used as their primary source of job searching (look for), and from what source they finally found their work (find).

It is interesting to note that nearly 50% of the jobs were gotten through personal contact even though only 20% of the people employed personal contact as their primary method of job searching.

More than half of the people who responded to the survey used the internet as a primary source of job searching, but only 15% got their jobs through the internet.

I suggest that these results may give you an idea of how you should proportion your efforts in job searching. Use all job searching tools at your disposal, but concentrate where the success is:

  • Spend about 50% of your time making contacts and talking with people.
  • Spend about 25% of your time working with a recruiter.
  • Spend about 15% of your time on the internet.
  • Spend about 10% of your time reading a newspaper
  • Attend job fairs as they come along.

This survey was conducted in March 2001, and the responders were primarily technical people. However, I do not think that the percentages would vary that much with time or in other industries.

Dan Flak