Don't Be Taken by These Ploys

I've already written an article about scams at pitfalls in the employment jungle. Here is a list of people, companies and other low-lifes who are actually trying it.

Sherman Sauvain Spinella Nationwide Recruiters
650 University Ave. Suite 109
Sacramento, CA 95825
Toll Free 1-866-577-2470 Ext.107

Someone named BradF contacted me telling me that he knows how to tap into the "hidden job market." Of course employers hide jobs from the public, especially if they are critical positions they need to fill. They wouldn't want anyone to find out about them, would they?

Brad admits, "There are so many positions out there that are available which never make it to the job boards or help wanted ads. Especially the higher level positions. Most tend to be filled from word of mouth, networking, recruitment firms and from within the company." What Brad doesn't tell you is that these people don't know him any better than they know the average aboriginal tribesman in the Australian Outback. Brad is smart enough not to say that his company has actually been retained by any employer to conduct a search for them. In fact,Sherman Sauvain Spinella Nationwide Recruiters doesn't really get involved with these companies at all.

The way this scam works is you pay Brad your money, and he sends you an exclusive mailing list of this "hidden job marker" to which you can spam your resume. Of course everyone in the same carrer field as you gets this same "exclusive" list. As he says, "Our Direct Mail Campaigns help you break apart from the pack and tap the job market you''re not seeing. Instead of your resume being in a pile with dozens of other resumes we deliver it to the decision maker of the organization by itself." So, what do you get for your money? A bunch of mailing labels. You buy the envelopes, reproduce your resume and cover letter, stuff the envelopes, pay the postage and burn your gas to drive to the post office. So who's doing all the work and who's getting all the money?

If you are interested in sending unsolicited resumes to decision makers who don't know who you are, you can look up where to send the resume on line or at the local library. Don't pay Brad. Sending cold resumes does work, but it's a low percentage shot. Having someone who actually knows the decision maker present the resume for you increases the odds almost astromically. That person isn't Brad. In fact Brad won't even be the one submitting your resume.


Hey, hear it from Mark Spilnella himself! All he wants is $2,295 to place me!

I am overjoyed that he failed to place me without my permission in a position that doesn’t exist based on knowledge of me that he doesn't have. Now he wants to spam my resume to thousands of companies who don’t know him from the southern end of a northbound horse.

— quote —

1. I believe I can help you find a new job, but until we talk I can’t be sure.

2. I tried placing you at no expense to you but do not have anything appropriate at the current time. If you have 3 or 4 months1 we can discuss pursuing this option.

3. Simple economics will tell you that the average person earning only $90,000 per year lost $7,500 not working last month. If you have no current leads you will lose $7,500 more this month. Those who earn more will lose proportionally more money.

4. We have a program to get your resume in front of virtually any potential employer. It costs as little as $0.92 per lead depending upon how many companies we contact on your behalf and what other services we use. Our base package is $795.

5. If you employ our most popular program you get 1250 companies for $1795. At this level, if you follow the program, I will guarantee multiple interviews2 or we will rerun the campaign at our cost.

6. We have a program at $2295 designed to let you look both locally and nationally. Some clients use this to “hunt for the elephant” (that big paying job in your industry), while simultaneously searching near their homes. Others have used this approach to search two geographic areas at once. The program delivers 2500 companies!

7. I could have this all working in 2 business days. If we start on Tuesday, by Thursday your campaign will be in the mail and the faxes will start your phone ringing.

There is much more to say but that lays out some of the basics. If you are still interested I’d be glad to fill in the specifics. I recently ran my own resume through the program to audit the process and received some interesting responses I could share with you. This is no panacea, but it is a proven way to expand your network and land the interviews you need to get a job.

— unquote —

1. I am pretty sure that Mark meant to say "minutes" instead of "months." However such a lack of attention to detail does nothing to encourage my confidence in him.

2. If Mark can't get a couple of his friends to interview you for a minumum wage job, he's more pathentic than I think.

I'll be posting more of these scams as I get them. If you have a story for me, click the email link at the top of this page and send it along.